Live arrival will be guaranteed with FedEx shipments when temperatures are between 28 - 85 degrees F and the package is picked up at the closest FedEx sort facility.  Packages should be picked up within 3 hours of arrival.  Live arrival is not guaranteed with "door to door" shipments.  Picking up at the sort facility is the safest, fastest way for you to receive your shipment and avoids the animal having to ride in a hot/cold truck or any driver error.    Be sure to inspect the animal at the time of pickup. If a problem exists please contact us immediately.

We can also ship our animals via Delta Dash out of Chattanooga regional airport (CHA).  When shipping via the airlines we guarantee live arrival as long as temperatures are between 40 - 90 degrees F along the entire shipping route. This is a same day, guaranteed connection service but is subject to typical airline delay's & flight cancellations.  To track your shipment online click the link below. Be sure to inspect the animal at the time of pickup.  If a problem exists please file a claim with the airline and contact us immediately.


International Orders

International orders are welcome but are subject to a $2,500.00 minimum order.  We are now the only facility in the US with Master File status for Green Tree Pythons and Emerald Tree Boas!  This allows us to have CITES export permits, issued by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, on hand and ready for international shipments.  No waiting months for export permits to be issued.  We can provide you with export documents immediately.

Prepayment is required prior to shipment.   There is no longer a charge for CITES export permits.  However, additional costs typically associated with exports include $250.00 USFWS export inspection, $45.00 Health Certificate and shipping costs.  Shipping costs will vary depending on the size and weight of the shipment and the carriers used.  Freight costs for international shipments are typically $450 + regardless of destination.  We will cover the cost of all export fees, excluding shipping costs, on orders over $4,000.00.

For our Canadian customers we are now distributing our stock through Tails and Scales in Toronto, Canada.  This means no minimum's and orders can be placed directly through them.  They will handle all the importation and customs clearance for a small fee.  Please contact Nelson Cardoso directly at 416.766.7387.

Weather Conditions

It is your responsibility to provide us with the correct airport destination as well as current weather conditions prior to shipping.   For information about current weather conditions in your area please follow the link below:

In an effort to improve the monitoring of temperatures during shipments we have occasionally included temperature data loggers.  Below is an example of one of our shipments in December 2004.  The box was delivered to Delta Airlines early in the morning and it arrived later that evening.  The logger recorded temperatures every 5 minutes throughout the entire trip.  We believe the high peak temperature was recorded when the logger came into contact with a heat pack.

Below is another shipment that was sent on 20 January 2005.  The package was sealed at 6:30 am and was received and opened at 4:15 pm.