Green Tree Python Owners Manual

This is a publication originally produced to provide our customers with the necessary information needed to raise our hatchlings.  Because many people have requested this information we have greatly expanded its content to include adult animal husbandry and breeding information.  The manual is still free with any green tree python purchase.   Those of you wishing to purchase the manual alone can do so by sending a check for $10.00 to the address shown on the Contact Us page.  The $10.00 will be refunded when a future green tree python purchase is made.


We are proud to offer this newly released second edition of The Green Tree Python and Emerald Tree Boa by Kivit & Wiseman.  This new edition has been greatly enhanced and includes many new photos. Text is in english and the new edition has 174 pages, 259 pictures, 28 charts and drawings.

Both species are covered extensively and included is information on natural history as well as captive care and reproduction.  Information on locality morphs and phenotypes is also covered.

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We are proud to offer the new second edition book by Greg Maxwell: The More Complete Chondro.

This book is filled with valuable information that will benefit anyone interested in chondros, whether you are a beginner or experienced hobbyist!   The photographs alone are worth the price.

A must have for any chondro enthusiast! 

Out of Print

No more copies will be available.

The Complete Ball Python : A Comprehensive Guide to their Care , Breeding and Genetic Mutations by Kevin McCurley 
Ball Pythons , the hottest thing going in herpetoculture, now has a definitive book about all aspects of husbandry , breeding and genetic mutations.  Over  100 different genetic morphs are illustrated and discussed. This book is a "must have " for all hobbyists. Over 300 pages and over 300 spectacular color photographs. Hardback Copies only with dust Jacket.

$59.95 Plus Shipping.

With the increased interest in ball pythons we have decided to offer this second edition publication.  

The second edition of The Ball Python is greatly expanded and revised.  Including new scientific findings from the wild, captive care and breeding.  Photos of many of the most popular morphs are included.   This volume includes an extensive bibliography containing over 300 citations.   A brief section covering the Angolan dwarf python (Python anchietae).

94 pages and 100 color photos.

$25.00 + shipping.

This book deals exclusively with the chelonian fauna of Myanmar.  It was published in 2002 by the Wildlife Conservation Society as an identification guide.  Full color illustrations of all the chelonian species of the region.  Text is in English and Burmese (Myanmar).

94 pages fully illustrated

$22.00 + shipping.



The Probe Lite Egg Candler is a lightweight flexible candling device that was originally designed for aviculturists. It is however very useful for examining reptile eggs also. The flexible probe allows you to examine eggs in place so there is less chance of damage. With the Probe Lite Egg Candler you can determine fertility and track the development of your eggs. Don’t waste time incubating infertile eggs. Improve your hatching success by routinely examining your eggs.

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Extra bulbs $6.50 each or 3 for $18.00