Papua New Guinea

Animals from this locality were imported into the U.S. back in the late 1970's and very early 1980's.  No specific collection locality information was available at that time.  These animals are only known to have come from the country of Papua New Guinea which is approximately half of the island of New Guinea.  The other half of the island was known as Irian Jaya (now it's West Papua) and is governed by Indonesia.

At that time very little was known about acclimating wild collected green tree pythons and so mortality rates were very high.  Consequently, surviving specimens were bred to each other regardless of appearance.   Offspring from these breeding's revealed the great variability that these animals posses and have led to the creation of some very outstanding color forms.  Below are some photos and reproductive histories of the animals in our collection.

Female ID # 96013

Produced at Signal Herpetoculture in 1996

Dam 92001   Sire 92002


Bred to male 92002 in 2001.  By line breeding this animal we are hoping to express some of the blue and high yellow traits this line has produced in the past.

2001 Breeding update.  This female laid a clutch of 18 eggs on 16 March 2001.  Fifteen of the eggs appear fertile and were removed from the female for artificial incubation.  The three infertile eggs were discarded.  Click on the images below to see the full size images of this female and her clutch.


View individual images of some of her 2001 clutch.

This female was bred to the male "Gordon", on loan from Greg Gibbs in 2004.  Nineteen eggs were laid 5 March 2004.  Seventeen appeared fertile at the time of laying and were removed and set up for artificial incubation.


This clutch began to hatch on 24 April 2004.   Click here for pictures of the hatchlings.

This female was bred to a Nicoli line high yellow male that is on loan from John Holland of Blue Region.  A clutch of 17 eggs was laid on 6 May 2005.  Click here to view images of the female and her clutch.

This female was bred to a Sorong x Jayapura type male in 2008.  She laid a small clutch of 5 eggs on 12 May 2008.  Only two eggs appear fertile.  Click here to view images of the female and her clutch.

Male ID # 96016

Produced at Signal Herpetoculture in 1996.

Dam 92001 Sire 92002



Bred to female 94001 in 2000 and produced two offspring.  Pictures of the offspring undergoing their color change are posted under the female on our Key Lime page.

Bred to female 97016 in 2001.  No offspring produced.

Bred to females 97016 and EA9501 in 2002.

Bred to female EA9501 in 2002 and produced a clutch of eggs.  View the offspring here.

Bred to female 97070 in 2004 & 2005.  Offspring resulted from the 2005 pairing.

Female ID# 01030

Captive bred at our facility 9 May 2001.

Dam ID# 96013    Sire ID# 92002

This female was produced from line breeding our PNG line animals.

We are planning on pairing her with a very blue multi colored male in 2007.  Nothing became of this pairing.

We have paired this female with our mite phase male 02126 in 2008.  It appears that she is gravid and had her pre lay shed on 16 April 2008.  A clutch of 16 eggs was laid on 4 May 2008.  At the time of laying only 4 or 5 appear fertile.  Click here to see images of the female and the clutch.

This female died in March 2010 of complications with a respiratory infection.