Emerald Tree Boas

The emerald tree boa is an arboreal species of boa from South America.  This species is an excellent example of convergent evolution with the green tree python.  Both species have adapted many of the same characteristics and behaviors to survive in very similar environments on opposite ends of the earth.

Emerald tree boas produce relatively large (~30 grams) live young after an approximately 5 - 6 month gestation period.  This makes the young much easier to feed than hatchling green tree pythons as they normally begin feeding on fuzzy mice instead of very small pinkies.  Litter size for emerald tree boas is normally 8 to 12 young.

Several geographic color variations of emerald tree boas are known to occur.   Below are links to our adult breeding stock of the forms we maintain at Signal Herpetoculture.

Available Emerald Tree Boas