Amazon Basin Emeralds

This form of emerald tree boa is thought to occur in the very southern most portions of Guyana and Surinam, south through the Amazon basin.  The form is known for its larger adult size and calm disposition.  Many of the animals have a very prominent vertebral stripe that may or may not be present at birth.

We have recently started acquiring individuals of this form to establish our breeding group.  Our intention is to acquire only the finest of Amazon basin emeralds.   Below are a few pictures of our new acquisitions.  Please check back and see how our group develops.



Male ID# 00006

CB 2000

This male is currently on loan to Clyde Peeling's Reptiland and is on exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History.

00006aweb.jpg (56571 bytes)       



Female ID # 00007

Juvenile CB 2000


This female was bred to 00006 in 2004.  She is currently gravid and we expect offspring in early September 2004.  Below is an image of her while gravid.

This female produced a litter on 30 September 2004.  Unfortunately, there were only three live babies, one of which died within 48 hours.  Pictures of the birth and the two surviving offspring can be seen here.

This female was bred to male 01003 in 2006.  She produced a litter on 26 October 2006.  Unfortunately only 6 of the neonates were alive.  Approximately half of the litter was stillborn and there were several infertile ova produced also.  Click here to see images of the female and the offspring.

Male ID# 01003

Young import.

Bred to female 02140 in 2004.  Click here to view images of the female and the litter.

Bred to a Northern type female 03074 in 2007.  The resulting offspring are some great looking Designer type specimens.



Male ID# 01004

Young import.

This male was bred to a Northern female, 97017, in 2003.  Unfortunately only one offspring survived.  Click here to see the images of the offspring which were produced.


Female ID# 02009

Captive born @ Rustic Hills Reptiles in July 2001.

Additional images and information.



This girl was on loan to Rolando Burgos and was paired with a Nicoli line big diamond male in 2007.  She produced a clutch of 10 offspring on 18 August 2007.  The resulting neonates were incredible.  Below are some images of the sire and the litter shortly after birth.


Unfortunately one of the neonates died shortly after birth.  The remaining 9 animals were split between Rolo and myself.  Below are images of our four from the litter.


Images below taken July 08.

Images of a couple of our holdbacks in Nov 08.


Female ID# 04129

Produced at Signal Herpetoculture 30 September 2004

Dam ID# 00007        Sire ID# 00006

This female was bred with male in 2010 and produced a very small litter along with a few still born and infertile ova.

Female ID# 04149

Produced by Noe Perez in 2003.

Dam:  "Brazil" NP-97-02 Nicoli line         Sire: "Rocky" NP-96-01 Paul Miles line

This female was bred to male 01003 in 2009.  She produced a nice litter on 21 September 2009.  Click here for images of the female and her offspring.

This female is being paired with male 05029 in 2011.

Male ID# 05005

Produced at Signal Herpetoculture 2 January 2005

Dam ID# 02140        Sire ID# 01003

Apparently this animal is a male.  We observed combat with an introduced male when paired in 2010.  Below are some images of the battle scars.


Male ID# 05029

Captive bred by Paul Miles in December 2004.


Female ID# 07165

Dam: 02009     Sire: RB Diamond line

This female was bred to male 05029 in 2012 and produced a litter of slugs on 14 August 2012.


Female ID# 07167

Dam: 02009     Sire: RB Diamond line