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About Us

Signal Herpetoculture is a small company dedicated to providing quality captive bred reptiles for the discriminating enthusiast and collector. Our collection is focused on a few species. This allows us to give special attention to all offspring. Our primary interest and goal is to offer you the finest in captive born green tree pythons (aka Chondros), Morelia viridis, and emerald tree boas, Corallus caninus.  We intend to provide you with service and quality not just massive quantity!

Generally all animals offered for sale are produced at our farm in Chattanooga, TN, USA.  Our intention is to provide an ethical and sustainable alternative to wild collected animals to meet the demands of the pet hobbyist, collector and public institutions.

We have been keeping and breeding reptiles since 1979.  In the past we have maintained a very diverse collection.  Finding it difficult to meet the specific demands of each species, we decided to specialize in arboreal boids.  This has allowed us to refine our  husbandry and increase the amount of success we have in producing offspring of exceptional quality and health.

Our facility is kept under strict quarantine.   We DO NOT routinely buy and sell animals as this would compromise the health of the entire collection.  Each animal entering the collection is quarantined for a minimum of 90 days, regardless of the source.  This allows us to observe feeding, defecation, behavior, screen for parasites, and other harmful pathogens.

Our facility now utilizes approximately 2,000 square feet.  This will allow us to grow and continue to bring our customers the very finest green tree pythons and emerald tree boas.

Below are a few images of our facility.




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Youtube video's

Below is a short video our friend Joseph made of me while feeding a few yearling GTP's.  He was nice enough to post it on Youtube.


Power point presentation of our Indonesia trip in 2009 to the Bushmaster Farm.
Pictures of our trip to Australia in 2010.
Here is an article in PDF on Green Tree Pythons we wrote for Reptile Care Magazine, a UK Publication.