Australia 2010


We were fortunate enough to be invited to present at the first Australian Herpetological Symposium.  Luckily it was more than just a quick trip.  We had some wonderful hosts and were able to travel with a great bunch of herpers.  A good time was had by all.  Below are some of the images of the trip.  Enjoy!

We started off heading straight up to the Iron Range.  Found lot's of cool stuff along the way.



Once we reached the Iron Range we had some great accommodations at Portland House.


As nice as the accommodations were we spent most of our time herping.







On the way back down from the Iron Range we found more cool stuff.





Some of the guy's helped out moving a good size saltwater croc at a the Melaleuca Crocodile Farm.



Afterwards Steve and his wife Lavina allowed us to stop by and see their collection.  What fantastic people they are!



A little more time herping outside of Cairns.



Last but not least Michael Cermak was kind enough to show us how he keeps his green pythons outdoors year round.


What an incredible trip.  I can thank our hosts, Neil and Jason, enough.  Below is a group photo of the happy herpers.