This group of chondros represents the animals that are found inland from the town of Merauke along the South West coast of West Papua (formerly Irian Jaya).  Along with the Aru type they are considered to be a Southern form of Green Tree Python.  Most individuals have bright vibrant green bodies with a line of white scales running down the vertebral length of the snake.  The completeness of the stripe varies widely with some individuals showing little or no striping.  The tails are short and rounded with limited dark pigmentation as with the Aru's.  The first albino chondros were produced from adults originating from this general area.   When this occurred it caused a mistaken belief that other animals from this area may also carry the albino gene when in fact the chances of finding such specimens is extraordinarily remote.

Male ID# TW5103

The sire to this animal is Trooper's pure Merauke heterozygous albino and the dam was a pure Merauke owned by Tim Morris.  This animal has a 50% possibility of carrying the albino gene.  He is fully mature and ready to breed.

We are pairing him with several females in 2007 in hopes of producing some possible hets.

Male ID# 06037

This male was a farmed import we acquired in 2006.

He is being paired with female 06038 in 2007.


Female ID# 06039.

This female was a farmed import we acquired in 2006.

Male ID# JMMeraukeM

Merauke type.

On loan from Jack Mithell

Female ID# 11353

Merauke type on loan from Terry Phillip.

This female was paired with male ID# 11354 in fall of 2012.  She laid a nice clutch of 19 eggs on 5 January 2013.  Click here for images of the female and her clutch.

Male ID# 11353

Merauke type on loan from Terry Phillip.