Designer Emerald Tree Boas

This form of Emerald Tree Boa is completely man made.  These animals are the result of crossing specimens of two different regional variations.  These crosses often result in animals that have very clean bright white.  Although these animals look spectacular we still prefer the true forms of either race.  To the best of our knowledge only first generation crosses have been produced by a small number of breeders.  In the future we hope to pair unrelated lines of these crosses back to each other to see what type of interesting animals can be produced.

Female ID# 03084

Produced at Signal Herpetoculture 24 September 2003

Dam ID# 97017     Sire ID# 01004

This girl was the result of pairing a high white Northern female to an Amazon Basin type male.  She is the only surviving offspring from this pairing.

Below are a few images of her as a neonate.


We bred her to an unrelated Designer type male in 2007.  What a diverse litter she produced on 18 Oct 2007.  Click here for images of her and the neonates.

Since the 2007 pairing produced so many unusual animals we decided to repeat the pairing in 2009.  Again, no disappointments.  She produced a real nice litter on 21 September 2009.  Click here for images of he and the neonates. 

Male ID# 06014

Produced by our friends at Noah's Boas on 4 August 2003.

Dam ID# NP9706 "Lucille"     Sire ID#  NP9703 "Apollo"

This again was the result of pairing a Northern female to an Amazon Basin male.  There were some incredibly high white animals with huge dorsal diamonds produced in this litter.  Unfortunately, we were not able to pry one of those hold back animals from Noe.  Hopefully he'll pass some of those genes into his future offspring.

Female ID# 07210

CBB at Signal Herpetoculture 3 October 2007

Dam: 03074 Northern    Sire: 01003  Basin